M Boother

Brian Wheeler

VP, Associate Creative Director

How long have you been at M Booth? Married in 2016. But we dated first.

What is your expertise? Cooking dinner in 20 minutes.

Define Courage: Waiting for the right idea. And waiting. And waiting.

Define Fun: Driving along the Jersey Shore in my old VW. Her name is Ingrid.

I bet not many people have: A pair of Stan Smiths autographed by Stan Smith.

First thing I do in the morning: Write. I wake up early – as in, before the cats early – and before doing anything, I’ll just write. All those ideas that weren’t ready to come out the day before tend to appear with an uncluttered mind.

Favorite place to eat or drink: Dinner on the front stoop is tough to beat.

What’s one thing that will always make you laugh? Slapshot.

Favorite Podcasts: SModcast, Design Matters, anything associated with WFMU.

In a large party: I’ll be in the background, quietly enjoying a Macallan. I lean introvert.

If you could fill a room with one thing, what would it be? Blue Note jazz records. Any book published by Rizzoli or Phaedon. A sketch pad and pen. This week’s New Yorker. A radio. Family and friends. A pinball machine. Musical instruments. And a bar, I guess. We’ll need drinks.

Favorite M Booth memory? Getting a call from Jody.

No day without: Garlic.

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