M Boother

Jacqueline Warren

VP, Consumer

How long have you been at M Booth? Five years

What have you worked on? I’ve worked on a number of large brands ranging from beauty to baby, food to finance, travel to transportation, and more.

What is your expertise? Integrated programing and brand building. My expertise lies in helping brands understand their consumer and develop relevant plans that strategically intercept the target at multiple touch points with measurable results.

Define Courage: Courage is facing a challenge head on and not being afraid to fail…because ultimately you understand learnings can be the greatest catalysts to business growth.

What’s one thing will always make you laugh? Not going to lie – silly cat/dog/baby videos on YouTube.com

Finish this sentence: People always tell me… My bitmoji and meme game is solid.

Favorite M Booth memory? Dancing like no one is watching at the annual M Booth holiday party. M Boothers know how to drop it like it’s hot.

What would your vanity license plate say? In2Win

Who let the dogs out? Great. This question has totally gotten this song stuck in my head….who, who, who!

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