M Boother

Jessica Elker

Vice President

How long have you been at M Booth? Since September 2015

What is your expertise? Building tight campaigns and executing with excellence, integration and keeping the sandbox fun, partnering with clients on the really real, working hard and playing harder

Define Courage: Trusting your instincts and moving forward even though the outcome may be uncertain

What’s one thing will always make you laugh? Adorable animal videos. Every time.

Finish this sentence: People always tell me… My hair is awesome.

Favorite M Booth memory? When leaving the office at our old space, I spotted a cardboard fortress built on top of someone’s desk. It was done (well-done!) to replicate a client activation. This was my first week at M Booth and the moment when I knew I’d made the right decision in joining this agency.

Favorite Podcast: StarTalk by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

What would your vanity license plate say? DABEAST

Who let the dogs out? It was probably me.

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