M Boother

Margo Schneider

SVP, Managing Director, Media Relations

What is your expertise? Media strategy

Define Courage: A conscious choice to do the right thing and stand up for what you believe in despite risk or being labeled as a “black sheep.” Having the “chutzpa” to embrace new thinking.

Define Fun: Giving into to laughter and focusing on the moment, which sometimes includes dancing to Justin Bieber’s music (any song will do)

What’s one thing will always make you laugh? John Oliver. I chuckle like Anderson Cooper every time I watch his show.

Finish this sentence: People always tell me… You sound more like a blond on the phone.

Favorite M Booth memory? So far? My first café meeting and coaching Wendy Williams on my first day of work.

Favorite Podcast: TED Talks

What would your vanity license plate say? BSTMOMOF2

Who let the dogs out? Not me. I’m terrified of dogs. Maybe someone in the 90’s?

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