M Boother

Matthew Bautista

Vice President, Media Relations

What have you worked on? I work across all divisions, handling entertainment media.

What is your expertise? Fusing brands with celebrities and working with national press to promote these efforts

Define Courage: Standing by your word while knowing when admit you are wrong.

Define Fun: Whatever invites you to laugh and escape the reminders of life’s day to day challenges…

What’s one thing will always make you laugh? David Sedaris’ Barrel Fever.

Finish this sentence: People always tell me… you should have a talk show.

Favorite M Booth memory? Carnival Cruise Line press trip for LGBTQ media

Favorite Podcast: I don’t listen to podcasts

What would your vanity license plate say? Honk4MattyB

Who let the dogs out? My husband, every morning at about 5:30am.

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