We-VIBE Turns Sexual Health from Shy Away to Stand Up

How could We-Vibe, the number one selling couples vibrator brand, grab the spotlight while staying true to their voice and highlighting the benefits the product brings to a healthy sex life?

Why not address the taboo head on and inspire consumers to laugh about sex?


Study after study has shown that a good giggle increases people’s willingness to relax, open up, and be more honest about their private lives. We knew that comedy was the perfect medium to loosen up the media and get them laughing, talking and writing about vibrators.


M Booth coordinated a partnership with the popular improv and sketch comedy group, The Upright Citizens Brigade, created by Amy Poehler. The partnership included a live improv performance inspired by vibrators in advance of Valentine’s Day, three comedy shows at SXSW and a live digital Hangout featuring rising comedic stars along with We-Vibe’s Global Passion Ambassador.


The brand saw a 421% increase in Valentine’s Day revenue, 92% increase total in impressions, year over year, 135% increase unique visitors on Valentine’s day, and their share of voice doubled. Both media and consumers felt the sex-positive and fun vibe of the brand through this partnership.

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