The Wharton School

Keeping a Business School at Top of Class for Over 30 Years

As the agency’s longest standing client, M Booth has faced and overcome the challenges of keeping Wharton a school of choice for top prospective students, differentiating the brand amongst a competitive landscape and ensuring top position in business school rankings.


With prospective students and their parents becoming more conscious of where they invest for their education, it’s imperative that Wharton remains top of mind and high in annual business school rankings.


M Booth has continued to present fresh ideas that preserve Wharton’s legacy while handling a host of assignments. These include the promotion of Wharton’s 225+ faculty member’s research, raising awareness of Knowledge@Wharton, the school’s business news and analysis website reaching key stakeholders, professionals, alumni and prospective students and providing traditional media relations in support of Wharton’s various events and conferences including The Wharton Economic Summit.


Through M Booth’s thought leadership initiatives and its robust media relations efforts, Wharton has enjoyed increased awareness of its diverse and respected academic offerings. The school has repeatedly ranked as one of the top three business schools in the nation year after year. The direct impact is evident through the increased first year enrollment and the expansion of Wharton’s Executive Education. In addition, Wharton is well regarded among corporate recruiters as a top institution to identify and hire the most promising talent.

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