M Boother

Adrianna Bevilaqua

Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director

What is your expertise?
Trend spotting, ideating, writing, and punning.

Define one: Courage, Accountability, or Fun:
Fun is being able to wear leopard print pants to the office.

Finish this sentence:
People always tell me: Everything. I have a unique ability to inspire TMI (too much information) from others.

Favorite M Booth memory?
Christmas Caroling before a new business pitch.

What’s one YouTube video (or meme, or link in general) that will always make you laugh?
I Like Turtles + Hipster Ariel

If you had three wishes, what would one be?
To have a real Matisse hanging in my apartment, preferably The Dance.

What would your vanity license plate say?

The first thing I do in the morning is…
Make the bed, it sets other good things in motion.

______ fuels my creativity.
Culture. It’s my job and my passion to understand what’s earning interest in the world and why. A few of my favorite things right now: Miranda July, Kris Kidd and Gilmore Girls (second time around).

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