M Boother

Frani Chung

SVP/Group Manager, Consumer

How long have you been at M Booth?
October 2009 – and the good times in this life go by lightning fast. It feels like yesterday, because we manage to keep it fresh on all fronts.

What have you worked on?
I’ve worked on everything from consumer packaged goods to consumer technology to consumer lifestyle brands – but the ongoing thematic is consumer. If consumers can taste it/smell it/experience it, then I can work on it!

What is your expertise?
Strategic thinking, account leadership and media relations for leading consumer brands. And also a bright attitude with thick skin and a true passion for PR. I’m also a glutton for punishment; I do my best work when highly pressured with way too much going on. I think they call this highly motivated.

Favorite M Booth memory?
Traveling for pitches is always a memory-maker. You see people’s stress triggers, their breakfast strategies, plane outfits, and night-cap beverage choices. You learn exactly what a colleague orders during a midnight Big Boy stop and you learn how people rehearse most effectively.

The red pill or the blue pill?
The pill that lets me eat all of the things but with none of the calories.

What’s one thing that will always make you laugh?
This Ryan Gosling Meme.

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