M Boother

Margi Booth


How long have you been at M Booth?

What is your expertise?

Define Courage:
Courage is defending an idea you believe in. Courage is telling the truth, with as much compassion and respect as you can muster. Courage is sticking your neck out at least once a day. Courage is liking pit bulls (I don’t).

What fuels your creativity?
The people at M Booth

Finish this sentence:
People always tell me… I have great gray hair.

Favorite M Booth memory?
Winning our first big account 20 something years ago, dancing on the table at a recent m booth party and many, many, many others I can’t mention here.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I go jogging in Central Park with the same friends I have been meeting for 25 years.

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