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MaryBeth Clayton

Senior Vice President

What is your expertise? Finding an unobvious insight that leads to an unexpected yet amazing story/partnership/campaign/result. I also make a cheesecake that would make you weep.

Define one: Courage, Accountability, or Fun: Courage is standing up when everyone else is telling you to sit down.

A nice glass of Pinot fuels my creativity.

The first thing I do in the morning is be grateful.

What’s one YouTube video (or meme, or link in general) that will always make you laugh? OR Favorite Joke? Just about every line from Anchorman – e.g. Milk was a bad choice.

If you had three wishes, what would one be?That every so often, I could go back in time to when my kids were little.

Favorite Museum: The Whitney – the views from the observation decks outside are almost as beautiful as the art inside.

Favorite Podcast: I’m more of a visual media consumer.

If you could fill a room with one thing, what would it be?Puppies. Wall to wall puppies.

Who let the dogs out? I let the dog out. And then back in. And then back out … because he’s old and a little forgetful.

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