M Boother

Matt Hantz

EVP, Digital

How long have you been at M Booth?
Two tours of duty adding up to 14 years

What have you worked on?
Lots of corporate and B2B PR (Wharton, American Express, Foursquare, Clear Channel, Bain Consulting, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) and now heading digital for B2B divisions at Google and American Express.

Define Courage:
Courage is not the absence of fear. That’s ignorance. It’s being afraid and doing it anyway.

Finish this sentence:
People always tell me… I look like an older Haley Joel Osment.

Favorite M Booth memory?
Meeting my wife here.

What would your vanity license plate say?

Who let the dogs out?
I do. I also feed them, pick up after them, and encourage them to stop doing that weird thing where they drag their butts across the carpet.

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