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Every single message that a company or executive puts out into the world matters. Audiences are savvier than ever at filtering what’s relevant, and there’s a deluge of information in our constantly updating feeds. So how do you cut through the noise and stand out in interviews, live appearances, on social media, and in penned pieces?

It’s all about identifying topics that will resonate and challenge your audience to perk up, while expressing your story or point of view and making it memorable. It’s an art, and M Booth’s brand-new Articulate service does both. (More on that here!)

With decades of experience in media training and journalism, the leaders behind Articulate put together three quick tips for crafting unique and compelling messages that you can confidently share on-air and along with exceptional editorial content for your audiences: 

Tip 1: Know Your Four C’s. As you think through your particular subject matter expertise as a representative of your brand, ask yourself: What are the most current, compelling, competitively unique, and credible aspects of my message? Through this “C-LENS” approach, you can pinpoint where your expertise intersects with the news, business world, and the cultural zeitgeist, and as it relates to what media are interested in covering. Your message has to be relevant if you want people to pay attention—and what’s relevant is constantly evolving.

Tip 2: Be on the Offensive, Not Just the Defensive. Lots of media training programs out there will prepare you for worst-case scenarios for that big moment when you are on air or going live and sharing your messages with the world. But it’s not just about surviving, but also thriving, and we believe it’s equally—if not more important—that you go on the offensive and sell your story.  

Tip 3: Make It Personal. Authenticity is integral to establishing a connection with your audience. People want to hear from a particular person with a specific expertise or point of view, so let your humanity shine through in interviews as well as in the written content you publish—that’s how you will capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

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