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We know the road to bookings and sales starts with creating an emotional connection with travelers around their passion points. We create shareable content and stories for our clients that quite literally travel—across earned and social terrains—and prompt consumers to get going.

We turned a Snapchat handover into a media sensation for Carnival Cruise Line, rode the buzz around the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival by curating a road trip of the show’s landmarks for Priceline, and drove headlines for Tourism New Zealand by re-creating President Obama’s travel itinerary after he had visited the island.

We believe that in order to understand how to promote a travel brand, you have to travel yourself—that is our passion. So we routinely crisscross the world, bringing back fresh insights and ideas to help our travel brands build business.

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M Booth has a presence in 32 markets around the world in partnership with Next 15, the lovely folks who acquired us.


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