Our Persuasive Communications trainings are led by trainers with decades of experience “in the trenches” who have both bolstered corporate reputations through proactive external communications and protected corporate reputations through the nuanced art of crisis communication and reputation management. Our experts have trained c-suite executives, subject matter experts and lifestyle spokespeople across a variety of industries with varying needs and audiences.

Our approach involves extensive preparation and the development of highly customized training curriculums that not only educate experts on principles and techniques for successful interviews, but also involve real-time collaboration to make stories more compelling, to tighten messages and to address off-topic or “surprise” questions. By the end of our persuasive communications trainings, participants can go on offensive with dynamic storytelling and memorable soundbites. They are also prepared for all of those “what if” moments that may keep them up at night.

We focus on efficiency and FUN! We demonstrate what techniques look/sound like in actual interviews by sharing quick video clips of successful interviews and major fails. One-on-one practice sessions with straightforward and quick feedback in a friendly and comfortable environment put participants at ease. Follow-up reports capture key learnings and offer tools that can be used for future opportunities.

For more information on our proprietary process called, Articulate, that combines story mining, message refinement, talk track development, persuasive communications/media training and owned content development (bylines), see here.

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