Let’s be honest: It takes a team to build a celebrity’s brand. Makeup artists, hair and wardrobe stylists, nail techs, personal trainersyou name ityour favorite celebrity has a go-to for it. So what happens when the glam squad graduates? Where does the team behind the celebrity go when their personal brand takes off?

Does Makeup by Mario ring a bell? Probably. He started out as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and now he’s his own beauty brand. With over 6 million Instagram followers and partnerships with brands like Laura Merceir, Mario  teaches his makeup techniques at sold-out events across America. It’s a simple hook: Wanna look like Kim K? 

Then there’s Jenny Bui. You may not know her, but you definitely know her top customer, Cardi B. The Bronx native rapper known for her elaborate nails, often shouts out her nail tech, which means Jenny’s fame has risen right alongside  Cardi’s chart-climbing records. She’s amassed over 775K followers and her skills have been featured in popular publications like Refinery 29

The celebrity seal of approval is worth its weight in gold.

So what makes our favorite celebrity’s “people” so appealing that they themselves are catapulted into the spotlight? In short, trust and expertise. The celebrity seal of approval is worth its weight in gold.  But beyond their famous friends, these talented individuals benefit from the old adage of “seeing is believing.” Word of mouth on Instagram means  their work is spotlighted regularly, allowing their own personal or professional feeds to take off. 

When it comes to influencer partnerships, celebs will always be the bell of the ball. But beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands might find themselves ahead of the curve when they consider pulling from somewhere less obviouslike the masterminds behind the makeup chair.

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