Influencer marketing has moved to the center of the digital ecosystem, expected to grow into a $16.4B industry this year. People are turning to their favorite creators for inspiration, advice, and purchase recommendations with 40% of people saying they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on social. Because influencers are such an integral part of any brand’s marketing mix, here are our tips for making the most of your creator partnerships:

Set the strategy
Just like in any other part of the marketing mix, the objectives and strategy will inform the plan. The number and tier of partners, content approach and more will depend on the goal. Before getting into the weeds, make sure the client and agency team are aligned on the objective and strategic approach.

Trust your influencer partners.
Creators know their audience, and know what will resonate. Give them the mandatories and some guardrails, but lean into their creativity.

Include a paid strategy.
Posting content organically has tons of perks, but boosting the content with paid amplification will guarantee more reach and impressions. Think through both the organic and paid strategy from the start.

Have fun with trends, but make sure it makes sense for the brand.
If it’s not a topic they have authority to speak on, or something that ladders back to your strategy, then think twice.

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