Design Studio

Our in-house, multidisciplinary design studio, is a team of makers, and there’s nothing they can’t make, from animations and vector illustrations to short-form and full-length video. With a mixture of backgrounds ranging from web development to typography to video and motion graphics, MADE builds the visual language that makes creative concepts come to life.

The design team is comprised of published designers, art directors, animators, photographers, video producers, and leaders in the visual communication space. We believe at the heart of every campaign is a chance to season a story with inspiring visual creativity and artistry. The visual content we create deepens brands’ connections to an idea, emotion, or value proposition. We believe in virality, but never at the expense of brand values. We make content for brands’ social media channels and publish more than 100+ pieces of visual content for brands like Brooks Running, Google, GODIVA, and The Macallan every week.

Around the world

M Booth has a presence in 32 markets around the world in partnership with Next 15, the lovely folks who acquired us.


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