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From initial insight to measuring impact, M Booth’s dedicated knowledge group uses a host of industry-leading tools to inform, optimize, and measure our clients’ brand campaigns. We use data to pinpoint important insights as a first step in the agency’s planning process and then collaborate with teams to develop laser-sharp strategic positioning, breakthrough creative, and real-time evaluation of a program’s effectiveness. We are the team who answers clients’ pressing questions like “Who is the opportunity audience, and what is their market size?,” “What makes our current consumers tick?,” “When and where can we intercept them along the purchase journey?,” “What messages are most likely to resonate?,” “Which media and influencers are most important?,” and “How is the campaign performing?”

What defines us is not just the resources at our disposal but our proprietary methodologies that are available to all M Booth clients. Case in point: our award-winning Microtribes product that segments consumers beyond demographics to include passions and interests. We also have the ability to map and track consumer purchasing behavior against the McKinsey Consumer Journey to fully understand how an audience perceives and interacts with brands in real time. The unique people, tools, and approaches within our team have led to recognition from industry media including PRWeek, The Holmes Report, Harvard Business Review, as well as bellwether brands such as IBM.

Around the world

M Booth has a presence in 32 markets around the world in partnership with Next 15, the lovely folks who acquired us.


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