Managing Through The Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world and nearly every aspect of our lives. As the health and economic crises continue to unfold, the need to communicate quickly and effectively to all stakeholders is crucial.

While this crisis is unprecedented, our issues and crisis management teams at M Booth and M Booth Health have decades of deep experience in guiding some of the world’s best-known organizations through key elements of effects we are seeing now: public health issues, consumer safety, workplace welfare and flashponts, financial distress, supply-chain failures, leadership challenges and much more.

These specialists are working hand-in-hand with each of our sector leads to help clients remain at the leading edge of emerging stronger through this pandemic.


Pandemic Recovery Panel




We continue to  advise clients on a range of pandemic effects with communications and leadership insights in the following areas:

  • Precautionary: Recommending actions and communications to keep employees safe. 
  • Contextual: Explaining what it means for a business to remain open responsibly or pause activities.
  • Mitigative: Managing communications when an employee is or may be confirmed as having COVID-19.
  • Supportive: Sharing how an organization is helping communities or employees through charitable funding or acts.
  • Employment and Compensation: Helping companies communicate well through downsizings, rightsizing, furloughs, salary/bonus cuts, and re-skilling. This includes guidance on the proper way to provide incentive pay and bonuses.
  • Recovery: Communicating about partial continuations, phased re-openings, financial recovery, and the “new normal.”   
  • Leadership Communications: Helping leaders communicate their vision and priorities effectively and compassionately during the various phases of the pandemic and beyond.
  • External Marketing: Advising on best practices for how and when to promote your brand during this sensitive time.

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