Most marketers are aware of the inequity that plagues the influencer industry — and its roots go deeper than just pay. Fortunately, there are concrete actions our industry can take to close the influencer equity gap. That’s why we created The Influencer Equity Playbook, an education tool for industry pros, agencies and brands to learn about how to create more fair and equitable practices in the end-to-end process of influencer marketing work. We cover topics like bias in the feedback loop, diversifying your feed, building inclusive campaigns, and of course, pay. 

This playbook was created by a team of influencer marketing professionals at M Booth with input from experts across the industry. When you download the playbook you’ll also receive training videos that help break down the principles outlined. We’ll also be sharing events, opportunities and updates as we continue our journey and identify new ways to create a more inclusive industry. Let’s close the influencer equity gap together.

  • The influencer industry has increased by 19% in the past year and is now estimated at $16.4 billion

  • More than 60% of Gen Z says they want to see ads that show diverse families

  • The pay gap between black & white content creators has been estimated at 35% (According to a study by MSL Group)

  • M Booth wants to acknowledge what marginalized creators have always known - that the influencer equity gap extends far beyond pay, from a lack of access to opportunities, micro-aggressions during the feedback loop, algorithmic bias and more.

Let's all do our part to close the gap.
Download your copy here.

“M Booth has taken the lead in codifying and sharing best practices for working with diverse creators. The result serves as an excellent demonstration of the PR discipline’s expertise in influencer marketing and a roadmap all can follow to remove bias and take a leap forward in creating equity in this important work.”

- Kim Sample, President, PR Council

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