Next 15 and M Booth are proud to count many of the world’s top businesses as our customers.  Earlier this summer we reached out to 250 CEOs, CFOs and Marketing Managers to explore the perception of the term ‘growth’ in business and what employees believe should be their company’s focus. Through their responses, we see how growth is now about much more than mere financial results, and uncover tensions between senior- and junior-level employees on what growth should mean, and how it is lived within businesses. 

When the professionals in our survey were asked what types of business growth are most important to them, personal growth for employees came out high on the list, in second place. However, when the same employees were asked how they think their business recognizes growth, and how their CEO and company recognize growth, personal growth came out a lowly sixth and seventh place, respectively.  

M Booth is a different kind of agency, one in which personal growth is a mandate. Our world is one in which we invite all voices in and bring empathy to our business—a world where we focus on personal development because we know inspired people do inspired work. It is this culture that enables all of us to do great things and grow together.

To learn more, download ‘The Changing Faces of Business Growth’ by filling out the form below. We hope you’ll find this report informative—maybe even inspiring—in considering what growth means to you and your business.


where employees rank personal growth on the growth agenda


where employees believe leadership ranks personal growth on the growth agenda

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