As Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month comes to a close, here are some ways you can support the community throughout the year:

Amplify AAPI voices: Actively seek out AAPI voices and perspectives in media, literature, and art. Share their stories and achievements with others to foster understanding and appreciation. By amplifying AAPI voices, we can counter stereotypes and promote inclusivity.

Educate ourselves: Learn about the many cultures, histories, and issues within the AAPI community. Attend cultural events, read books, watch films, and engage in conversations that broaden your knowledge and challenge stereotypes.

Combat discrimination and racism: Stand up against racism and discrimination wherever you encounter it. Speak out against hate speech, stereotypes, and microaggressions. Support organizations and initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion like: Asians in Advertising, Stop AAPI Hate, The Asian American Federation, Goldhouse, Asian Hustle Network and more.

Choose AAPI-owned businesses: Make a conscious effort to shop at AAPI-owned businesses in your community. By choosing these establishments, you can contribute to their success, and help foster a more inclusive business landscape.

Be an ally: Stand in solidarity with the AAPI community by being an active ally. Listen to their concerns, amplify their voices, and take action on their behalf when needed. Engage in dialogue with friends, family, and colleagues to foster understanding and empathy.

Remember, supporting the AAPI community is not a one-time gesture confined to a specific month. It requires sustained effort, empathy, and an ongoing commitment to equality and justice to create lasting change. They’re small steps but together we can create a more inclusive society for all.

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